Need character naming help again


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I don't need actual character names, but in this case, I need codenames.

Character 1: Shapeshifter. His default form is an Asian male in his mid 30s. His current name is Deceiver, but that's a little too "80's X-Men" as Preston put it to me. I want to keep up the deceptive theme, but need something a bit more subtle.

Character 2: Uses ESP to control people. Slimy kind of guy in his early 20s. Extremely cocky to the point of comedy. At one point becomes a human punching bag for the good guys.

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Character 1: Poison. Prime directive. Immersion.

A little too feminine or robotic.

Character 2- The nightmare. Darkness. Demon If he's slimy as hell give him a name with the in the title, as if he thinks it's a great name or something like that.

Way too dark. He's slimy in a douchebag teen comedy kind of way. Case in point, his current name is Rocky.

Also, it's worth noting that in storyline, they don't get to pick their own codenames. They're simply given them.

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