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If Marvel can release six issues over twelve months I'll be impressed. The Ultimates Year Two should be splendid. I've heard among other things that Captain America and Wasp are now an item.

What I would like to see happen is someone knock the shit out of Captain America. He's a fucking jingoistic bastard, and the biggest prick in the Ultimate universe. I'd also like to see more on Ultimate Thor. He's the biggest mystery in the Ultimates thus far. Plus, with his seemingly new-agey and pacifist roots, Thor and Captain America should be naturals to come into conflict.

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Sorry to bump this, but I just finished reading the Ultimates, and goddamn, I've been missing out. I haven't picked up any of Year Two yet, but it looks like that may have to become a priority.

What I would like to see happen is someone knock the shit out of Captain America.

Well, SPOILERS Hulk and that Super Skrull Nazi whooped the holy fuck out of him. END SPOILERS Anyway, I agree, he does need a really, really good ass-kicking, but more or less to take him down from the "Impossible to harm" character they have going.

He's a fucking jingoistic bastard, and the biggest prick in the Ultimate universe.

I don't know, he seems quite grounded. Morally conservative? Hell yes. The French thing (best line in comics ever) is echoed by many today, and he came right out of Nazi Germany into modern day-he's bound to be biased against the Germans. Fuck, a lot of our grandparents probably are, too.

Also, have the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver done anything at all?

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I guess I should give a spoiler warning, so here it is. I just finished issue 7.

It can't be Black Widow, can it? After all, doesn't the traitor say it's not the country it once believed in. I hardly think an ex-KGB super-spy ever really believed in America in the first place.

The way I see it, it's one of two people. Nick Fury, or Captain America. Everything that points to Cap happens in issue #6. He blows up at Hank for absolutely no reason at Triskelion, why so edgy? I know they aren't the best of friends, but still. Also, in the final shot "We crippled a nation this morning," the only Ultimate actually drawn is Captain America. Captain Britain and one of the other Euro guys, as well as some of the Giant men are drawn, but Cap is the only Ultimate. Plus, they've been drilling in the age difference, and there was the whole scene in the nightclub with Thor. Working against him is that he probably has absolutely no idea how to use a computer, and wouldn't have sacrificed Banner.

Nick is hinted at when they're discussing the Ultimates and who they're bringing in. When it says "Guess who they're phasing out?" it shows Fury. Fury doesn't seem like the kind of person who'd take that lightly. He did have access to all of that stuff, and would sacrifice Banner.

I guess it could also be Stark, but why, other than the reasons the traitor gave Pym? It doesn't make any sense.

It can't be Hawkeye, obviously, nor Wanda, Pietro, or Thor. I'd eliminate Wasp too, as I doubt Steve would let her go back to Hank's place, as she was pretty worried about going to lunch with him. So yeah...Rogers, Fury, or Stark. If I had to pick now...I'd say it's most likely Fury, then Stark, then Captain. Wait a second...could it be Banner? He'd certainly know he was the Hulk, and somebody called Pym, thanking him...and it was Pym who made the Serum...and he does have control over the Hulk. Just how would he get soldiers though?

Anyway, now that I've officially over-analyzed this...I can't wait for issue #8.

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Once again, that be spoilers. You've been warned.

12 issues in 2 years! They made it! :)

I enjoyed issue 12, though it felt a little too much like the heroes had been holding back to keep things interesting, and finally decided to cut loose. A LOT of ass-kicking this issue, a lot of death, and a lot of finality. Thor returning to the team at the Scarlet Witch's behest wasn't quite the mark-out moment that I thought it was going to be, but the Iron Man 6 armor more than made up for it. Stark piloting a fucking low-flying space station?! While drunk?!? Good times.

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As much as I enjoyed the craziness (especially Quicksilver destroying The Hurricane, The Hulk putting his fist through Abomination's face and Wasp growing giant to squash Swarm), the art in the first half of the book was not Hitch's best work. It seemed very rough, maybe even rushed. I know he's under a lot of pressure to finish the book, and issue 13 is solicited for a November release so that's good, but he had months upon months to complete this. Every line should have been his best. There's absolutely no reason for those pages to look as they do. I hope Marvel corrects the rough spots before it's collected in one volume later next year.

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