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I am just going to use this thread to put down what i am spending my money on and where I should cut back as my money is going out faster than i can use it.

Right so starting now, here's my plan:

Carry a little notepad and take down every penny that I spend and only buy what I can actually afford and when i go to buy something, i only buy that. I won't be buying something that I don't really need just because it is there.

So, here is my febuary list of things I will be buying:

Batman: whatever happened to the caped crusader.£3

Detective comics: Whatever happened to the caped crusader.£3

Birds of prey: Last issue. £2.25

Robin: last issue. £2.25

Nightwing: Last issue. £2.25

Total on comics: £12.75

Futurama movie: £12.99

Nothing else coming out that i want or need.

Total on DVD's: £12.99


I have some games that I need to go back and complete like Gears of war and fallout 3, so I wil only be getting virtual console games and then I will only be getting £7 worth of points.

Total on games: £7.

So overall expenditure total for the month of febuary is: £32.74

This list is only preliminary and hopefully I will stick to it and come back to this list at the end of every week with what I've spent and bought and stick to the total that I have set.

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If you want my honest opinion and your financial situation is as horrible as you say it is, DVDs, comics, and games are probably the last thing you should be spending money on.

Oh, I completely agree. I'm trying to keep this as realistic as possible, I'm not going to just suddenly wake up tomorrow and suddenly not be an idiot with money.

This way if I can actually work out where my money will be going in advance and work out from this list what i can afford to have and what can be ripped right off of the list.

Nothing on there is essential, I mean, it won't be the end of the world if I don't pick up the last issue of birds of prey or buy the latest game, but if I can work out in advance I can say "Is it really worth the expense in the long term me getting this right now." everything on the list has the exact same answer. No, they are not essential purchases, I can live without them.

Every penny I have is going right towards paying off my debts and me buying stuff just because it's there is going right out the window, their is truly nothing coming out anytime soon in the next few months, that isn't on that list, bar the wii points that i want. That's me just saying, if you can budget, you can try and see if you can afford these after getting yourself out of this fucked up situation you got yourself in.

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