Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo


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No official release date, though Funimation is currently saying "Spring 2009" so it will be sooner, rather than later (like what Viz appears to be doing with NANA). Main two voices have been announced....

Juliet-Brina Palencia (known for roles such as Maho in BECK, Enma Ai in Hell Girl, and Koaru in Moonphae)

I approve highly.

Romeo - Chris Burnett (only leading role he's had was Santa in My Santa)


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I enjoyed this. Gankutsuou is a recent favorite of mine. Totally agree with you about Jouji Nakata -- I'd heard him in a couple of anime prior (most notably X), but his performance as the Count absolutely floored me. It's as close to perfect as any voice acting performance I have ever heard. Kikuko Inoue's performance is a good shout, as well. I like that she plays a character similar to the ones she's normally cast as, but there's a darkness to Inoue's character that separates her from, say, Belldandy or Sanae from Clannad.

And, personally, I adore Gankutsuou's art style. It is unique and incredibly lively.

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