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I get so nervous when I do seminar presentations for school. I've now lectured to 150+ people for an hour twice, but talking for 20 minutes to 5-6 of my peers scares the fuck out of me. Last night I couldn't sleep until 4AM when I had to be up at 7:45, and I was feeling sick to the stomach at the thought of my presentation.

It seems like I'm being a big baby, but I did my presentation today, and everyone liked it, and the professor seemed to like it! Hooray!

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I got my return deposited this morning. I sign the lease tomorrow, and then I'm out of here. :yes:

There's still the issue of what I'm going to do for internet, since the house I'm moving into can't get DSL, and I'm NOT getting dial up, but one thing at a time, I suppose.

Right on, Dubs. Good luck on the move.

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A bit random but yesterday I went to a different comic shop than usual.

I went in and saw they had watchmen figures, for £10!

I say it like that as in the other place I go their £15, I look at the figures and don't see the one I want/need and that's Doctor Manhattan, I ask one of the staff and they say their sold out.

He then says hang on a minute and goes to the window and finds one last one there!

Yay! :happy:

I got the figure for a fiver less and I was also able to get Green Arrow:Sounds of violence by Kevin Smith which has the first appearance of Onomatopeia!

So leaving the shop, I was in a very good mood.

Again, yay! :happy:

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