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Got Watchmen Saturday... Finished it earlier. I can only describer the experience in 2 words, Holy Shit. Or perhaps, That was awesome! Or not say anything, Because my breath has been taken away by this beautiful piece of art.

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Congrats man! Wait Jamie Middleton? Any relation to Kate Middleton, girlfriend of Prince William our future King?

Now I'm picturing you married to Kate Middleton. You lucky dog.

Lol, I can only wish.

BTW, Mike, James, Dan if you want to mention this good news on either WFP or BOTI you have my permission, LOL!

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Instead of going to some boring easter party, My best friend decided to bring me along to universal studios! WIN. I just have to wonder, If this shit it up the street, Why dont we go more often? Anyway, I leave saturday, be back later in the day. And just like the disney trip, I will be uploading pics to my flickr ( Plz visit!) if any one cares.

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I've had a sinus infection for the past couple months. Because of it, I had temporarily lost about 75% of my hearing in both ears. One of my ears just popped back and I can hear out of it again. I'm patiently awaiting the other one. Now I can't tell where sounds are coming from because it's only in one ear.

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