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PC World are the worst in my book. They incompetently failed to fix my computer for several months whilst I was at uni the first time.

On the good news front, I've moved into my new digs! Well mostly. There's still a scale model of the New York Skyline made of DVDs and Trade Paperbacks back at my old place.

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It's finally snowing and sticking outside! That means it is officially a baking day!

Also, not necessarily the most evil company, but the absolute worst customers, for me, are most of the people who come into the state parks. Worked that job for six consecutive summers, and the best story I have from that job was as follows:

The police regularly stop by our campground (for reasons from all the homeless people we have camping there on a fairly regular basis, to the point that there are state laws about how many consecutive days you can spend in and out of a state campground, to people with warrants out for their arrest trying to hide there, and I think you can get the idea from here), and this particular night just seemed like a routine stop by. They asked for some information on a specific campsite, we give it to them, and they head out. We hear later from the rangers that they were enforcing a restraining order between a mother and her daughter in law. Somehow, they were all travelling in the same RV. When they stopped by the campsite, turns out that they were all getting along and making a good batch of meth in their RV.

That, or the time we had a major arrest cause a pedophile was on the run and decided to stop by our campground.

Or the time a guy stopped by the front office asking for his confiscated bong back after he got evicted when Dave Matthews was down at Alpine.

It's like we get the people that even freaking Wal-Mart won't let in the store.

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