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Anyone else read the first issue of Batman & Robin yet?

I liked it, its a decent fresh start for Morrison but there are some worrying left overs from the last storyline. The continuity of Pyg from issue 666 was cool, the mo of that character is creepy as hell. Phosphorus is a good villain too, I've always liked him from his appearances in Starman. The new design of Red Hood sucks a big one. It's like the classic Red Hood design crossed with Red X from Teen Titans but it comes off looking like budget Mr Freeze or Mysterio rip-off. Interesting that he has a sidekick though, even if she is just in shadow. I'm also fine with more multiple Batman mysteries, that was a good aspect of the last run. What I'm not fine with is the return of Dr Hurt. Don't care about the character, just don't care.

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Got it yesterday, posted what I thought in the comics I bought.

...I really didn't like it that much. Morrison seems like he's trying to force our reading of Damian (who's an annoying little prick) with Alfred's comments on him and him somehow being able to, at his extremely young age, build (or at least design) a flying Batmobile.

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Copying my thoughts from elsewhere:

"Batman and Robin #1" is pretty cool, I'll admit. But I'm such a huge Grayson fan that I'd like just about anything. I'm still not a fan of the Damien character, though. Also, I still say Frank Quietly is a horrible artist when it comes to people. His characters all tend to have the same face, and heads resembling lumpy bags of shit.

I totally missed the allusion with "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride" - probably because I was too busy going "Why the fuck is the Batmobile flying?" Are we to assume that Damien at his age is more intelligent than Bruce Wayne and can build this thing all on his own? I'm not taking that leap of faith.

I might pick up another issue, but I'm not sure.

EDIT: Maybe I should have put this in General Discussion. If so, can a mod move it?

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