Happy birthday DCAUFan!


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Guest DCAUFan1051
Have a good one, unpacking and all. :)

thanks everyone for the bday wishes and yeah des unpacking sucks until I get to the 10 boxes of DVD's then it's like xmas and Birthday goodness all over again. :D

This is what I've gotten so far today. More birthday shopping tomorrow so I'll post more. I'm so glad Earth-2 is here and love being able to interact with other geeks!


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Guest DCAUFan1051
That CD better be the little known gay-country uklele band Nickelbum Funtime. The alternative is too horrible to contemplate.

did you not see the DVD in the center of the pic you had to focus on the Nickelback CD huh? :fight:

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Guest DCAUFan1051
I just think it's in poor taste to have a cake with a woman being hit by a motorcycle on it for someone's birthday. I mean jeez!

I totally agree I almost threw up the DQ Ice Cream Cake I was eating when I saw that pic. The thought is appreciated Suave but dang you almost made me lose my Cake!!!!

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