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I tried watching Flashpoint yesterday, I found it to be boring and confusing, and turned it off after half an hour. I may go back and try and re-watch it later, but it just was so bland. DC needs to take a break from Geoff Johns comic storylines, as they clearly aren't translating as well to the screen as Under The Red Hood.

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Just watched Flashpoint.

Hoooooooooly crap. Most violent DCUAM by far. Blood everywhere, dismemberment, beheading, murder of children, etc. Dark dark DARK. Were this not an alternate-universe story that'd be beyond bothersome.

It's a hundred times better than the comic was, and it's definitely one of the better DCUAMs. I'd say there's an argument for best overall, but that's going to be pretty dependent on personal opinion.

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The animation looks the like same shitty shit of Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, voice acting is awful, and the trailer is B-L-A-N-D.

So, I only just now watched the trailer, and I just want to say that I completely disagree with this. Animation looks stellar, voice acting sounds fine (not amazing, but fine for what little we get), and the trailer is among the best we've had from the DCUAMs. DCUAM trailers are almost always awful, but that's one of the rare ones that actually makes the movie look good. I'm not even that much of fan of Morrison's Batman run, but I'm kinda psyched to see that movie.
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Hmm...they've been talking about Judas Contract for so fucking long, I wonder if it would follow JLvT or if they've just thrown it aside.

They've pretty much moved on to exclusively making movies with either Justice League, Batman, or Superman in the titles, so I would guess no. But who knows, if JLvT is successful they may change their minds.

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Gods and Monsters, and I don't say this lightly, was absolutely great. It's helped greatly that it's basically an AU tale to DCAU, the character designs, animation styles and voice casts are that of that world to provide real contrast with how things really should be because minor spoiler, this exists entirely within itself, there is no normal league in this film. But this still feels like a lost JLU story, and one of the better ones at that if clearly more violent than that show ever was. Plenty of little twists, nothing is quite what you expect but that's the fun too, taking your understanding of the elements in play and doing some guesswork as to how it's all going to play out. Highly recommend for any fans of the DCAU.

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I thought it was good, not great. It's by far and away the closest the animated movies get to being "R" rated. There's no real effort to try and water the material down, to the point where phrases like "Jesus" and "Goddammit" are thrown in. There's an entire scene where people are getting slaughtered left and right that watches as though they did it just because they could.

Ultimately I thought the characters were far more interesting than the story itself. I liked all three of the main trinity, with Wonder Woman having the best origin story out of everyone. The vampire Batman was pretty badass, and Superman's new origin is really interesting. The actual plot is a "meh" mystery with a lame payoff in my opinion. I'm also officially tired of the copied and pasted "Timm Girl" design for the women. The animation wasn't that great, so there was hardly any changes in their facial expressions. So very soon I got sick of seeing the same kewpie-doll look to their designs.

I would like to see more from these characters in a better story. The movie's worth checking out just for them, and to witness the most merciless, highest body count this production crew has ever amassed.

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