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Hello I have been watching this series that I grew up watching frequently lately and a question has come to mine that as a child you really don't even think about. Just to let you know this thread isn't solely for the 70's series alone, you may discuss anything that has to with TIH, especially any of the numerous cartoon TV Series.

My question(s)are:

In the series Jack Magee(Jack Colvin)is always after The Hulk(or Creature as he some times calls it). Do you think its because he really doesn't want further people to get hurt or die(since he thinks The Hulk killed David and Elaine Marks)? Or do you think its to just sell newspapers and prove to his boss(es) that the Hulk exist?

I watched the Season 2 episode "Wildfire" where David works on an oil rig and develops a relationship with the owners daughter. How long after the 2 part Season premiere episode "Married" do you think it takes place?

Do you think the TV Movie Trial of the Incredible Hulk should have had the planned Daredevil spin-off, with a better Daredevil costume and a few David Banner cameos, just to see Kingpin caught(now it just ends with him getting away and that's it)?

Do you think there is still enough of an audience of the original series to make a Son of the Incredible Hulk to help close out the series?

Do you think Lou Ferrigno's Hulk should have learned to speak at some point just to keep close to the source material?

Can you remember the first episode you ever saw of The Incredible Hulk?

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