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I've been looking forward to this since I finished 12. After Irving's art on Return of Bruce Wayne, I was really excited. Now seeing the preview pages, I love Irving's Grayson Batman. Just beautiful and badass and the same time. Not too crazy about Damian's Robin mask though. It's just too thin for my liking. I prefer Quitely's larger mask. This issue is gonna be superb. It's killing me that we have to wait until Thursday!

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Finished issue 13, really enjoyed it. The art was really good, and the Joker was really creepy here, the ending has me really looking forward to the next issue:

Batman and Gordon are trapped in Blackgate and surrounded by Dollotrons, Damien is beating the living shit out of the Joker with a crowbar, and Professor Pyg is back.

All this, and Dr Hurt is back, and pretending to be Bruce Wayne.

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So, issue 14. Unlike most of the B&R run from Morrison, part actually makes me wish I could read part 3 right now. Not for the story to end and go onto a new arc, but to actually see how things can get worse.

The Joker is really fucked up in this issue, and the issue itself actually ties in a little to ROBW.

Yeah, I noticed Doctor Hurt has obtained 'the box' now. Whatever it's for, who knows? I think it could end up being a never-revealed-artifact like in Pulp Fiction, but more likely something to do with how Bruce returns.

The Joker, needless to say, was the best part in all of this issue.

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When he goes on the rant about Damian not being funny.

"I didn't think you had the potential to be funny at all when we first met, but sometimes even an old pro can get the wrong first impression. A Robin who lets me manipulate him into a locked room situation? A Robin who brings his own crowbar to the party?"

"You might be the funniest one yet."

I love that and the clown nose at the end, epic Joker. I'm also liking his complete disinterest in the new dynamic duo at the start, but I think he's starting to realize what fun he can have with a new Batman & Robin.

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I'm not sold. Granted, it's not bad, but it doesn't impress me.

The first issue, was alright, but nothing special. It had some character moments, like the opening, but it made sure the reader knew that Bruce was at the top of the pecking order in the Batman family. Also, the art was good in places, and weird in others. I'll give it another issue, but this isn't grabbing me.

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Batman and Robin #1 reboot was pretty good I thought. The art seemed a little inconsistent, but I thought the Batman of Moscow, Russia had an awesome look. And the new villain is just really really cool.

Issue spoiler

I just wish Batman of Russia wasn't killed, he looked so awesome in the first panels. and I do have a bit of a problem with a Batman dying with tears streaming from his eyes. You'd think he'd put up a fight to the end since he is a Batman

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