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There's still time..... I'm working on my intro for the interview... if there are any questions you want me to ask Phil LaMarr post them here!! I'll check back 30 mins before the interview.

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Been awhile since I updated this thread. we are currently in a lull period but this summer we're launching a few new shows. As well as MWIRE Returning

Also the site has had design changes here and there and we have a poll going on. The GeekCast Radio Network

For those interested here's a few of the latest things we've done:

First up is the post with all the Countdown Episodes in it:

The GeekCast Radio Network Top 100 Animated Series Countdown

The Beast Unleashed Complete Podcast

MWIRE: Special Episode- Tron (1982)

MWIRE Special Episode: Tron Legacy

Tele-Cast Episode 13: Sesame Street

Tele-Cast Episode 14: Fraggle Rocxk

Tele-Cast Episode 15: The Muppet Show

Tele-Cast Episode 16: GUTS

Tele-Cast Episode 17: Legends Of The Hidden Temple

Tele-Cast Episode 18: Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego

there ya have it hope everyone takes a listen to any or all of these. I'll keep this thread more updated as we have more content coming.

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With GCRN being 2 years old this June 1st 2011 that also marks the 2 year anniversary and ending of ToonCast. This Thursday May 26th we will record ToonCast Episode 100: ToonCast A Look Back. In 5 short days the second podcast I fully created will end. I'm extremely proud of what ToonCast has become and we will be continuing cartoon coverage in ToonCast Beyond.

If any of the E-2 peeps that might have listened to this show want to leave a voicemail to be played in Episode 100 here are the details

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OK gang ...... with the news of Tara Strong voicing Harley in Batman Arkham City I'll be talking with Ms. Strong once again......... I have all the relevant questions covered i.e. how did harley come to be a role for her etc........ are there any other questions E-2 might want me to ask her


I need you to post any and all questions before 12pm Eastern time tomorrow 5/24/11 ... basically you have 12 hours.

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Since December 12th 2008 I've recorded a crap ton of podcasts!!!! I believe I've recorded over 100 episodes.....However my second full podcast has reached 100 episodes and it's conclusion for now.

ToonCast Episode 100- A Look Back

Although ToonCast Classic is ending we are continuing it with a brand new RSS Feed and Show .......

ToonCast Beyond!!! ....this will focus on cartoons from 2000-to whenever now is.

So check out ToonCast 100 !!! ToonCast Beyond's Episode 00 Premieres June 11th, then November 11th Episode 01 will air. ToonCast Beyond will air every Wednesday just like ToonCast Classic.

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Hey Earth-2 ... it's been a few months since I updated this thread. There just has been a lot of stuff going on with me. Everything is fine for the most part, I dunno I guess any forum these days has lost appeal to me. I've always been a loyal E-2 supporter and will continue to be, however the notion of forums and being members of multiple forums has just lost my interest.

So anyways wanted to tell you guys that The GeekCast Radio Network has a brand new site design with lots of changes and improvements. Stuff is a heck of a lot easier to find! You can comment here on what you like or any suggestions you have for Steve/Megatron to change about the site. Also wanted to let you guys know about 2 of the NEW GCRN Podcasts launching in 2012.

In April or May 2012 we will be launching M.A.S.K.E.D. M.A.Y.H.E.M. The GCRN's look at all 75 episodes of M.A.S.K. Here's the art for that podcast:


Then on October 21, 2012 we will be launching The Powers Of Grayskull Series (P.O.G. or P.O.G.S. for short) As you can tell this will be a podcast series on every Masters Of The Universe cartoon. I am super excited for this!!!


I'll add the RSS feeds for all these podcasts when we get the Episode 00's recorded which will be in a few months.

I will be coming around to the E-2 forums more..... just needed to take a break from forums in general. Usually I setup with all the same info, but some of the ones I signed up for were different back then. So keeping track of 5-6 different logins is hard! Granted I always remembered the E-2 login... ok I'm rambling here.... go check out the brand new GeekCast Radio Network website!

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Well with 2011 coming to a close, I figured I'd check in with the E-2 community. I know I've been MIA for most of the year, however that is due to two major reasons.

#1 The GeekCast Radio Network has had it's biggest year yet in 2011. This has kept me very busy.

#2 (NO OFFENSE TO THE E-2 COMMUNITY), but over the last year and a half I've lost interest in forums on the internet. I prefer interacting through twitter and facebook. I've been a member of E-2 since June 2008, and I'm glad to be a part of this awesome site in a forum member capacity. However I've just had wayyyyy to much going on this year. I still listen to Tranquil Tirades and I'm loving Dropped D, I'll pop in with a comment here and there. It's just not gonna be all the time.

I do appreciate the friendships I've made here on E-2, and I also appreciate all the hard work Mike, and the rest of the E-2 staffers put into each and every aspect of the site and podcasts.

Having said all that I'd like to know how many Earth-2 members are listening or have listened to any of The GCRN podcasts. We have redesigned the website this year making stuff easier to find, and we've expanded our interviews as well. You can check out The Show Guide we have a podcast for almost everyone, and our Featured Guests page has all the interviews we have done over the past two years. We also launched The GCRN Stores this year, so if you want GCRN Merch check that out.

2012 is going to be even bigger for us! We are launching 5 brand new podcasts, as well as returning favorites. You can check out The GCRN Guide to 2012 where everything is laid out.

I've continually supported and spread the word everywhere I interact with people. So I'd appreciate it if you all would sound off and let me know what GCRN stuff you listen to.

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Interviews – Rob Paulsen – Toon Beyond Edition

So this was our first interview of 2012. We had previously talked with Mr. Paulsen in 2010. The first interview was the general voice actor interview. Where did he grow up, how did he get into voice over etc.

The new interview in 2012 is all about his podcast, website, live events, semminars, voice coaching, and so much more.

We had 13 interviews in 2011...... we hope to increase that number this year.

Our Featured Guests page shows all the awesome people we have talked to since 2008.

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Hey E-2 people... you guys and gals want an exclusive from The GeekCast Radio Network?

On Monday Night February 20th we will be interviewing

Loren Lester voice of Dick Grayson/Robin in BTAS and so much more.I had no idea how extensive his career has been. This will be awesome!

for our Legends Of The Dark Knight Podcast!

Get LOTDK Here

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This Wednesday I'll be interviewing Johnny Yong Bosch, and then on the 22nd I'll be interviewing Dan Gilvezan.

We are 29 days away from M.A.S.K.E.D. M.A.Y.H.E.M's launch. This is the GCRN's M.A.S.K. Review podcast.

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