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Episode 17 will be recorded later this morning with Derrick from Better In the Dark.

Episode 18 will be released sunday

Episode 18.5 will be released this coming Wednesday (this episode is a MWIRE/ToonCast crossover)

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I've updated the list of current episodes.... actually Episode 25 was supposed to be released wednesday of this week, however we recorded it late so it's here now. Episode 26- A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving will air on Thanksgiving Day.

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Hello everyone. Well this Saturday we here at The GeekCast Radio Network are launching a brand new podcast to accompany all the other shows we do. This Saturday marks the one year anniversary of when I started The TFG1 Podcast. Holy shit it's been a year?!

The natural progression from the G1 cartoon was for my friends PecanCtMichael, Steve/Megatron and I to start a Beast Wars/Beast Machines review podcast. The episodes will be released every other week on Thursdays. Currently don't have the RSS Feed link, but will update the post as we release Episode 00.

This show will start really in January. However we have the Episode 00 where we talk about The Botcon Special: Theft Of The Golden Disk. For those that don't know what this you can go here to download it to see what it's all about. Then after the episode 00 we got the awesome privilege to interview voice actor David Kaye. The show will feature exclusive art each episode below is the art for the episode 00 and the art for the David Kaye Interview. So if you like Beast Wars and Beast Machines join us on our 30 episode journey.

Episode 00- Introduction: Theft Of The Golden Disk

Interviews- David Kaye

Interviews-Garry Chalk

Episode 01


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I've updated the schedule on page 1 of the thread.

Also anyone wanting to share their favorite holiday cartoon memories with us can leave voicemails for Episode 30 by calling 502-526-5821. Just leave your name and what show your calling for. Deadline for these is December 20th.

The cartoons we'll be reminiscing on are:

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer

Frosty the Snowman

Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

I'll also be bringing up in the closing of the episode Mickey's Christmas Carol.

So if you'd like to support our show please call in and leave a voicemail. or you can email a mp3 file to

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Episode 29 is out... this was a very fun record for me... there were several crazy out of this world references.

Here's a quote from me on whomever the animator was that drew Snow White:

"Maybe the animator was on heroin while drawing the heroine"

I think my episode description for this one has been the best ever that I've created. This episode also has a preview of the ToonCast Holiday Show art

I hope some of the earth-2 members are listening to this show... please leave any and all thoughts. We are constantly improving on the show.

Don't forget to leave a holiday voicemail telling us what you favorite christmas cartoons are. Deadline is this sunday.

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Last time we interviewed the villain of Beast Wars and Beast Machines, this time Michael Wilson and I sit down and chat with the hero of the series. Over an hour of conversation with Garry Chalk voice of Optimus Primal!

I was originally going to wait and keep this a secret, but want to promote it so people will download it December 25th Christmas morning when it releases. Which is 1 week away!

Michael and I had a great time talking with Mr. Chalk! We even got some promos from him yay!

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I've updated the schedule once again and Episode 31- The Aladdin Franchise will be out Wednesday morning. So we are continuing the first part of our Disney Animation Spotlight.

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I’d like to preface this post by saying that I held off as long as I could talking about any of the DCAU shows in podcast form. Due to the fact that I thoroughly enjoy World’s Finest Podcast and appreciate all the work Mike and James put into the show.

However I love Justice League/JLU just like anyone else, and I wanted to give my own thoughts on it. So I put together a 25 episode long schedule, tried to come up with a title, and got the Justice League Complete Series DVD Set. The title I originally had was Justice League Declassified….. however I was not thrilled with it. So I put a call out to my friends on twitter and facebook asking them opinions and suggestions for a awesome title. Low and behold the overlord Michael David Sim’s title suggestion won out. So I bring you The Secret Origins Podcast! My other friend Michael will be joining me in this endeavor.

We will be fortnightly just like WFP… it will air every other Tuesday. Episode 00 is out now and Episode 01 will be airing February 2, 2010. Thanks again Mike for the title.

We may have different art each episode... not sure on that just yet.

Here’s where you can find TSOP and here’s what the art looks like:

TSOP On GeekCast Radio Network

TSOP On iTunes

Seasons 1-2 Art:


Seasons 3-5 Art:


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I like what you've picked for art. I would say have the first one for JL episodes, and the other for JLU.

thanks suave... I was thinking about having a screenshot image as each episode art. Like a scene from one of the episodes we watched o something.

Dunno might keep to the Season 1-2 art while discussing those Seasons and the same for the seasons 3-5.

Just havent decided yet.

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Well, you could have them as main distinction art, say have a section for JL and then one for JLU, and then in each episode have the episode art from that episode.

So, it would be, on your site, someone clicks on it, and just wants to listen to JLU stuff, it'd be easier to find. If that makes sense.

But, it's your cast, so whatever you feel works at the end of the day.

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I think that we'll just stick to what's easiest. So Episode 00-14 will have the Season 1-2 Art ad then Episodes 15-24 will have the Season 3-5 art might do something special for Ep 25 though. Which wouldbe the final ep.

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