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Variety reports that Sam Keith's Four Women has been optioned, and, surprisingly, he will write AND direct the film.

For those of you unfamilure with Four Women, it was a DC comic about four female friends who are stranded when their car breaks down in the desert and are then terrorized by two men.

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What you have to understand is that once one movie does well (in this case Spider-Man) then all the characters are quickly snatched up. It's the same for authors. If one of their books is made into a successful feature film, every one of their stories and books are then optioned. Whether they're made or not is another story, but studios want to secure the property just in case.

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I can understand big name characters like the F4, Ironman ,Thor etc, but man-thing,sub-mariner, black widow I don't know. These aren't big names, I suppose you can argue sub-mariner given his afilliation with the F4 and the avengers, but the others. Whats next powerpack the movie?

This is a list of characters optioned for movies from


Black Panther

Black Widow

Blade Trinity

Blade 4

Captain America

Daredevil II


Dr. Strange


Fantastic Four

Ghost Rider

Hulk II

Iron Fist

Iron Man


Luke Cage


Morbius: the Living Vampire


Power Pack


The Punisher 2


Silver Surfer

Spider-Man 3


X-Men 3

Looks whats on the list, powerpack :P

After punisher who didn't do well in the boxoffice, what hope is there for movies like ant-man, ironfist or luke gage.

A couple of interesting points are that Artisan Entertainment own several of the rights and that Venom isn't owned by Columbia Pictures but by New Line.

Whos Prime?

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Was he in the Ultraverse comics?

Yeah. Marvel bought that company, and did nothing with it.

Oh, and not all of these will be made into movies. For example, Man-Things looks to be a made-for-TV production and The Avengers/Ultimates will be a straight-to-DVD cartoon. Fantastic Four, while being made into a movie, will also be a cartoon. So don't fret.

I wonder if companies that licensed several characters will team them up as a poor man's Avengers or X-Men.

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That would be a big concern, considering some of them are former avengers. A live action avengers movie would have been good, so I was a bit dissappointed when I heard about about the cartoon series of it. The Venom thing is worrying as well. Hopefully something can be arranged so Columbia Pictures can use it.

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