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Hi all,

I've only seen one episode of Doctor Who on CBC a few years back and it was pretty good , i was lost during the whole show but i liked what i was seeing, and listening to the first two episodes of this podcast has peaked my curiosity even further. My question is do i need to start at the beginning of the franchise , or can i buy the box set that says series 1 from 2005 ? was it a revamp of the franchise like Battlestar Galactica ? Or was it just a continuation of what ended in the 80's ?

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For my part, I have to agree that one can easily enjoy the new series with or without knowledge of the classic show. Indeed one of the best aspects of listening to BOTI for me is that I can not only pick up on various references to the show's history that Dan brings up now and then, but I also get a sense of Mike's (and many other fans') perception of the classic show through fresh new eyes (in some cases, like most of these early stories, the details are almost as new to me as they are to new series fans).

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i completely agree with what you wrote turlough47. I like to listen to BOTI for recommendations on what classic Doctor Who stories to watch. Because sometimes i kind of feel left out when in the modern show the Doctor references something from the previous incarnations like the "tin dog" as Mickey would say :laugh:

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The current series can be appreciated on its own merits and you needn't go any further than the 4 boxed sets currently available if that's your choice. However, if you want to explore the larger tapestry of Doctor Who you've got hours upon hours of adventures to enjoy featuring the original seven Doctors, not to mention the spinoff novels and the Big Finish audio dramas. Unlike certain science fiction sagas which are pretty rigid in the order you Absolutely Must See Them, the beauty of Who is that most any adventure can be dipped into once you realize the structure:

1. TARDIS lands.

2. Trouble Ensues.

3. The Doctor saves the day.

(for early Pertwee swap in 'U.N.I.T. investigates X' for #1).

Apart from that, have a blast. ^.^


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