An Ongoing Look at Indie Gaming, part one


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As much as I enjoy gaming, I have to admit it's not a cheap hobby to keep up with. With games getting more expensive, it's becoming increasingly harder to get all the games that pique my interest. I guess that's why I've started turning more towards indie gaming. Now that all three major consoles have download services, smaller development teams have another avenue to release their games. It's led to a surge in popularity for games that previously might have never seen the light of day. And with so many indie games being released at budget prices (or even as freeware), it's well worth looking into both current and older releases.

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Great article, Aaron. The idea that there are these creative programmers out there really helps me feel better about gaming as an art form, when all the big boys seem to be doing is shovelware for the Wii, and Space Marine FPSs and sports games for the other two.

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