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I'm looking for a (preferably free) program that will allow me to rip video from a DVD into a format that can be uploaded to YouTube, and also allows me to snip to a specific section of the video. (For example, 7:00 minutes to 9:45 minutes)

No, I'm not planning to upload anything copyrighted. :)

I spoke at a government meeting, and I have the meeting on DVD from the public access channel.

If I can get this done, you'll be able to watch me tilt at windmills.

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I had this same problem about two months ago, and used DVD Ripper. Works great.

I have wasted two consecutive evenings on this project and have failed both times. Epic fail.

Before I delete my YouTube account in frustration, do you know where I can find this program? I searched on download.com and haven't found it.

If this doesn't work, the world will be deprived of my brilliant commentary on the benefits of limited government. In video form, anyway.


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I now have Adobe Premiere Elements, and I've ripped the DVD onto the hard drive. Here's my problem. I have 4 files, but I am only able to see about 5 minutes of each file. The meeting I am recording is over 90 minutes long. Obviously, there's video in there I cannot find. Does anyone know how to view specific chapters from a ripped DVD in Adobe Premiere Elements?

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