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This is top secret. Very few of you on these boards may know what this is in reference to and they will be taken out back and shot if they reveal it. But I wanted to know if there are both male and female board members who are able to pull of the following convincing accents (stereotypes are ok) and if they would be willing to record themselves for use in a possible audio project:

-Russian males and females

-Chinese males and females

-Jive-talking black males and females

-Hippy males and females

That is all.

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If by "hippy" you mean "hippie" and not big-hipped (though that may be applicable, too), I might be able to give it a shot.

Ha! Yes, I meant "hippie." :)

I'm honored your first post is pointing out a rare semantic error on behalf of the Grammar Nazi. I think I'm going to like having you around.

Thanks to everyone. I'm just testing the waters on amounts of characters to include and stuff. Months before I ask anythign of you.

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I've got a number of accents up my sleeve from my acting days.

I can do English (Upper class, middle class, working class, and cockney), Irish, Scottish, French, German, Russian, Australian, New York, Hippie, Yiddish, Italian, Midwest, Swedish, and Southern accents.

Take your pick Des.

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My accent from any of the English Isles is out of this world.

...British Isles. They're the British Isles. That said, I will challenge you to an accent-off if there's an English part up for grabs. For my audio portfolio, ep 258 of E2: The Show sees me showcase "American", "Irish" and "English" accents as well as extensive duologue work with James!

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