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3 hours ago, Donomark said:

I'd love to be down for it, but Venom doesn't happen without Spider-Man. I need confirmation that Holland is in this, or else it doesn't work.

Yeah I just don't see how you can do Venom without Spider-Man. Even if they do a thing like Suicide Squad where he is only in flashbacks I don't see how it would work. It is such a huge part of his story you can't ignore it. 

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I agree, that Venom's origin is so tied to Spider-Man that I do not see how you can do a Venom story without him.

Even people who are not comic fans and know nothing about Venom will look at the costume and know instinctively that this is a Spider-Man villain. I mean, look at the costume. It's obvious. They don't have to bring in Holland, or show Spider-Man, bit there needs to be dialogue about how the symbiote used to belong to someone else.

But I will withhold judgment until I actually see the thing. Depending on what they do with it, decoupling Venom and Spider-Man won't necessarily kill the movie. I can see how you could still tell a good story. And we will always have the comics and cartoons where Venom is Spidey's former costume.


On 2/8/2018 at 8:18 PM, Dread said:

If you're complaining about not seeing the monster in the teaser trailer, you need your head examined.

That I agree with. It's called a "teaser" for a reason. The movie doesn't come out for months, so it is possible there is more work to be done on the CGI. Had they shown the monster and it looked terrible, people would be screaming about that.

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They didn't have to show a full-shot of Venom, but they needed to show something. It's been ten, nearly eleven years since Spider-Man 3. Do they really think the mainstream would get excited based on any of those images, none of which recall Venom from that version, let alone anything from the comics are cartoons.

No, this thing fucking blew.

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