Happy Birthday, Dread!

Nicolette Opal

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Happy Birthday you fuckin' mother Fucker Douche Nozzle Fucker. Totally download that Where the Wild Things Are trailer in 1080p or I will fucking keel you. And get the whole fuckin' album (Funeral) because the second song is so David Byrne it's not even fuckin' funny you mother fuckr. You are so fuckin' old it's not even funny. But I'm laughin' anyway because you are so fuckin' old...that...that.., your age is actually offensive to my sensibilities. Oooold..Fuck, yeah. Old rules. You so have kids, like n' old mother fucker your like a daddy too Preston Nelson. You want to give him life advice but he's like, "Fuck off old, over the hill guy, I don't need you're shit right now. I got it all figured out. Fuck Off!" Not that I want to put words in Preston's mouth but that's totally what he's thinkin'. He's such a fuckin' rebel. Yeah. He is.

Anyway, Happy Birthday, Des. Your a good egg.

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Ha! Guess what D-Man and I were doing earlier this evening...and clearly he's still doing it.

And Nicolette, what a coincidence, I'm drunk in my honor too. Sadly this is not just a yearly thing.

What the fuck do you mean, "clearly?" That was a perfectly coherent and heartfelt post, muther fucker.

(the thing that gets me is that, yeah, i'm drunk but i'm totally editing my posts for proper syntax so that Mr. English doesn't pull out the red marker on me.)


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I'm drunk in your honor too?

Well, not in your honor. But HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Preston, alcholhol is a poison is=== that you should always modrate with [moderation. Don't over due it unless yoor prepared for the consuences. Nuff Said!

"There's a time and place for everything, it's called college."

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