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I know I can't be the only one pissed about this. My old boss was fired recently, and there was no public reason why. He worked for a city and the council and mayor voted to fire him. He says he thinks it's because of a domestic violence report filed by his wife. Here is the article where he explains what happened and says it was not abuse:


Am I wrong to be so upset that he thinks he did nothing wrong? I'm so angry because he has gotten away with so much shit that don't want to see him get away with something like abusing his wife. He has a hearing next week which will decide if he gets to come back or stay fired.

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It's not just Sweezey himself that believes "he did nothing wrong," it was his wife that had the report amended.

FTA: "[...]a supplemental report, filed on March 30, in which Rebecca Sweezey clarified the information on the original report to say she did not receive any injury or feel threatened in any way during the March 21 incident."

She also stated after the fact that the "marks" left after he allegedly held her by her neck were actually red spots she gets often from stress and working out.

Furthermore, I don't know why he felt the need to go to the Mayor about this, regardless of his position or title as an employee for the city. His personal life has no business being involved in his professional life. The end.

It's all pretty fishy. Seems he overreacted about some cell phone bullshit, the wife exaggerated then took it back, and somehow this was necessary for the Mayor to know? On top of that, being fired from a position one's had for 10 years? I don't know any solid facts about this, but I don't think it's right to fire a man because of a "domestic abuse charge," especially when he hasn't been convicted of anything. And by the way, in some states they won't allow an officer to leave the residence unless SOMEONE files something or goes to jail. Food for though.

I don't condone spousal abuse at all, but this is not evidence of prolonged violent behavior, and you'll notice, it says her hands were on him, too. This was an outburst that was handled incorrectly from jump.

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