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The Dragon Ball franchise is one that is near and dear to the hearts of both Kellen and Brennan, however neither expected much out of the US-produced Dragonball Evolution. Did the movie exceed the low expectations or was it just an overall disappointment? [ 1:01:10 || 28.7 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/animezingp...imezing_027.mp3

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Guest DCAUFan1051
I know the episode was released, Mike. I posted it on Earth-2.net. I meant the movie.

oh oops :D yeah the movie's out I heard a review about it last week on This Week In Geek.

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I honestly think they're trying to forget they created this.

They've cut down advertising to almost nil, and it's got a 14% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It's already in the running for worst movie of the movie year.

Something tells me that me and my friends having lots and lots of alcohol to help us through this will be a good thing. Suggestions for a drinking game that won't get us drunk too quickly?

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I really hope this is still in UK cinemas for the end of May, as I desperately want to take my brother to see it. The sheer volume of his agonised groans when watching the trailer makes me think it'd be worth the subsequent years of him calling me on such a "birthday treat"! :devil:

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