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Done a bit of cleaning to the computer and installed a program that keeps track of temperatures. My case and motherboard fans are normal, but my power supply fan (read: the hardest to replace) is constantly in the 70 degrees Celsius range. I've been on for about 6 hours with no shut off, but that number is still way too high for my liking.

I think it may be time for a new PC entirely.

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Shouldn't a new power supply only be about 20 bucks? Or are you just looking for a good excuse to buy a new PC :)

My PC is a bargain model, so the power supply is welded on to the case itself. I blame my ex, namely. She's the one that bought it.

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Lost two pages of writing plus a half hour review of Showcase Jonah Hex and Ex Machina in the 2010 thread thanks to my fucked up wireless. Punched the doorframe to help with my mental state. Now my hand hurts. The red wine's wearing off. I need a drink.

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Filled out all my UCAS, now waiting for a reply from Uni's for second year, hoping for it. When I find out, I could have gone to a fucking good Uni, and got into third year marketiting, if I had fucking put it down. Now my choices are locked, and I'm fucked! :madgo::madgo: I wanted to do marketiting as a career a few years ago, and the choices I put down, damn.

Also, first class back, I find out that what I've done for my Graded Unit project, is not as far along as it should be, so I'm really far behind in that class, which is not what I was expecting.

Fuck today!

The afternoon wasn't that bad, my friends convince me to stay for afternoon classes, after I just wanted to leave and study in a library, and the classes weren't that bad. Just a shite morning.

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What happened?

Stressed over getting college stuff that's due, that I'm trying to pull out a miracle with, by friday, and BF sends me a link to a flat, which is fine, moving out next year, but then I notice how far away it is from where I am right now.

Right now, isn't great, but I get to see my dad every week, which, is good, as it's just a good time, speaking to someone who has the same sort of humour I have.

I said to him, I don't want to be too far away, as if it's too far, it might look like I'm bailing on him, my dad, which is not what I want. So I said to him several times, I don't want to be too far, and then when I say tonight, "That's quite far" he just replys "From what?" I know you think I'm overreacting probably, but I told him several times that I don't want to live too far, and he seems to not actually take it in.

Also, he pretty much made a comment in passing, that he'll be gone when he finishes his degree. Not in a bastard way, but in the, "Well, I can't stay forever" way.

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Earlier today I was reading a blog post -- a pretty well-written, thought-out one at that -- but I had to stop when the author referred to Jack Kirby as "Jack King."

To be fair, he is often called "King Kirby."

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