The Texas Chainsaw Massacre preque


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"We thought that a lot of people who saw the movie always wondered why he uses a chainsaw," says Form [producer of the remake]. "No one really explains it, he just does. We tried to explain a little bit in our version why he wears a mask, but here we're really going to try to show you how the mask originated, and stuff like that."

While the filmmakers plan to delve deeper into Leatherface’s background, don’t expect them to go too far.  "We're not going back into his childhood. You're not going to see him at the prom—you'd be surprised at some of the ideas we heard. This is still a Texas Chainsaw Movie movie; it's not going to be a family drama where you see how this kid grew up and all that. It still has to be what our last movie was, which was fun and scary and kind of a ride."

Uh... he uses the chainsaw because they worked at a meat rendering plant!

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is one of my favorite horror films of all time, so why must they keep fucking with it's legacy. This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard, a prequel to show his background? Stupidest Fuckin idea ever. Then again it can't be worse than some of the other sequels, right...

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Stupidest Fuckin idea ever.  Then again it can't be worse than some of the other sequels, right...

I've never seen TCM2, so I can't comment on that. But I did see 3 and OH! was that bad!

OH snap, I remember the trailer for that movie. One of the funniest, in a bad way, trailers I have ever seen. Scene opens up to a man standing next to a lake, sorrounded by scenic beauty, when out of nowhere a chainsaw starts raising up from the water, and then a dead hand tosses it at the man who grabs it out of the air, starts it up and turn around to reveal leatherface, so bad it's laughable.

Have you ever seen the fourth one? Now that was the worst sequel of the bunch in my opinion.

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