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Not all of you may have a psp or care about the psp, but I do. what does everyone think about the psp future? is there going to be a psp phone? will umds continue? psp 2?

Not much has changed for the psp and it has been a while, i mean sure they have upgraded it from psp 1000 to 2000, and 2000 to 3000, but when are we going to see some real changes?

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There is a new PSP coming soon. It's called the PSP Go! No UMD, and a hard drive built in.

Where it shows the official picture on that link, it does not really show where the L and R buttons are. in the unnoficial picture, it looks like it would be impossible to play with the controls and the L and R so far up.

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There is no official picture there, but the unofficial picture just looks like a phone, in the sense of how it opens, and it has control systems similar to the DS. So long as you didn't slide it closed while it was playing, it doesn't look too difficult to use.

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