E3 2009


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E3 is only a couple weeks away and I figured now was a good time to throw out the facts and rumors about what will be there.

Microsoft has had a horrible time keeping secrets again this year. Their motion sensing camera is pretty much a given to be there, but someone by the name of Game Fork has leaked their whole E3 lineup:

--The all-but-confirmed motion-sensing camera controller for the Xbox 360, titled "Xbox Fluid."

--Metal Gear Solid 4 + Oxide, the long-rumored Xbox 360 port of the best-selling PlayStation 3 stealth actioner and GameSpot's 2008 Game of the Year. The announcement will be the finale of the presentation, apparently, although the game may the subject of Kojima Productions' May 18 mystery announcement.

--A top-secret Konami exclusive for the Xbox 360. "NOBODY outside of Kon[ami] has been told what this is," claims Game Fork. (Emphasis in the original.)

--The second Xbox 360-exclusive downloadable episode for Grand Theft Auto IV, subtitled "Blood and a Four Leaf Clover." The title may be a reference to the GTAIV mission Three Leaf Clover,where protagonist Niko Bellic helps Irish mobster Packie McReary and his brothers pull off a bank robbery straight out of the film Heat. It's apparently due "this Christmas."

--A new project from Peter Molyneux's Lionhead Studios (Fable II), code-named "Richter," previously rumored to be revealed at E3.

--The official unveiling of the long-known-about Forza Motorsport 3, which will apparently be playable on the show floor.

--After an extended period out of sight, both APB and Alan Wake will make appearances. Game Fork describes the former as a "GTA Killer" and the latter as "somewhere 'tween The Shining and Misery. VERY Stephen King. ... Graphically stunning, massively open, incredibly engaging...and ***t-pant scary." (Emphasis in the original.)

--The elusive Splinter Cell: Conviction will also be on hand in preparation for its release later this year

--Lost Planet 2, Assassin's Creed 2, and BioShock 2 will all be shown off, as will Halo 3: ODST, which was yanked from Microsoft's E3 2008 briefing at the last minute.

Sony has the PSP: Go coming which is the redesigned PSP that the guys on the 1Up podcast got in trouble for revealing. Also the new game from the Ico Team will be officially announced.

Nobody knows what Nintendo is doing as usual.

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The above list of Microsoft announcements may not actually be correct. The real name of the new GTA4 DLC is "The Ballad of Gay Tony."

No, I am not joking.




In any case, if the PSP Go looks anything at all like those pics, I'll be psyched.

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