Episode 317


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Guest DCAUFan1051

I'm only 24 minutes into this... but I must say this has to be the best ep since 293. Really giving me great info on comics thanks guys.

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Bravo! I love Mike's take on Dick and Robin and all that jazz. I think the last few issues of Nightwing really showed the correct respect to the character, and if you ever get a chance, go ahead and check them out. I think the author was Tomasi (sp?) and he just "got" Nightwing. As for why Nightwing had some issues with Batman, that was really an early on thing. Batman fired Robin, and getting fired... well it makes people mad, and I would assume it would be an even bigger deal in a case like this. This coupled with the fact that Bruce had been trying to get Dick to quit out of worry for his safety, and just general misunderstanding, it wasn't a pleasant breakup.

Tim is really what brought them back together; he kind of reminded them of why they were friends to begin with. It's probably a good thing that it happened that way too, because I think Dick being so different from Batman is a plus. I believe he would have become more and more like Bruce over time, instead of the lovable guy that the whole DCU knows. Look at Tim, he's basically Bruce Jr. at this point. That's why I'm totally okay with Dick never joining the JLA, because he's SO not Batman. He's Dick Grayson! He's like the one guy to deny his legacy and do his own thing successfully, he doesn't need to follow in anyones footsteps. He's got his own group of pals outside the League. In the Battle For The Cowl, Bruce tells Dick with his final message to NOT be Batman. Even Bruce gets it. I'm kind of rambling... Robins are awesome.


Dick: Probably about 8 when he became Robin

Jason: Probably 14

Tim: Probably 12

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