HELP! Star Trek podcast name needed

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So I'm starting up a podcast soon that will actually review each and every episode and movie of Star Trek ever made. EVER. (kinda like WFP but with Star Trek)

It'll be my personal Five-year mission.

Unfortunately, the name "TrekCast" is taken, and I need a catchy name for the 'cast.

Right now all I've got is "Trek Reviews Podcast," though I'm considering "Warp 9."

Suggestions would be most helpful. :)

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Nah, thats already the name of a prominant Miley Cyrus podcast.

VERY nice!


Oooo... good possiblity.

The Podcast on the Edge of Tomorrow

Heheh... little wordy, but I may use that as a joke on the 'cast.

Sisko FTW

Hmm. According to my schedule, that title wouldn't be relevant until the Spring of 2011. Eeeesh... this is gonna be tough.

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Kobayashi Maru. Because given the fanaticism of some ST fans there's no way you're gonna win.

Awesome! :lol:

I concur; that's definitely a great name. I'll be sure to mention it when we get tons of hate-filled emails.

Overall, though, I think that "Trek Reviews Podcast" might actually be the best option, as the podcast is going to be a bit more "respectable" and a little less silly than most podcasts out there, so having a more formal name kinda fits. Plus, it's going to be all-encompassing, covering every TV show and movie, so it needs to be a little more general.

I threw together some art; I think it's pretty snazzy.


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