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The statue is meant to homage pre-married MJ snooping through Peter's stuff.

Of it, Adam Hughes even said:

My idea was pretty simple, I thought – classic Mary Jane, from the days when Peter and MJ were boyfriend and girlfriend, and she’s found his Spider-Man costume in the laundry basket. It’s the weird little secret that couples have from each other that gets discovered. For me, the gag was that this was the moment when Mary Jane found out that her boyfriend is Spider-Man. She’s not doing his laundry, because I don’t know anybody that does laundry in a basket on a table. Even if you don’t have a washing machine, you’d do the laundry in the sink. This was MJ spotting something in the basket, pulling it out, and doing the “What’s this?” with a look back to Peter over her shoulder.
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Exactly. It's a statue of an event that never happened. That's why everyone assumes it's laundry, because that's the obvious answer where you don't have to write a specific fanfic to fit the scenario.

edit- It's a recon made well before this statue was released.

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Speaking of things I want- A Dance with Dragons, the new Song of Ice and Fire novel, comes out tomorrow. Thanks to the magic of Kindle, I get it delivered straight to me to midnight tonight, approximately an hour from now. Significantly more excited for this than any book release I can remember for a good long while.

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