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I have 500 business cards, but they are for a job I no longer have.

Were you really Mr Bristol 1998?

Oh, I'm still Mr Bristol 1998. Those business cards never stop being accurate.

Oh thank god,if I couldn't believe that, I'd probably lose all faith in society.

I'd like a new PC chair right now, one that is actually comfortable, it might help me work on my stuff more often.

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In the 80s there were people who wore glasses like that.

They were called "totally lame."

I wouldn't where them in public, just for display. Some people where them to cons and stuff, but it would go with my batarang collection and green lantern ring (yes, I have those)

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Somehow that Vader hoodie left me browsing the internets for an hour and mad me wind up spending £40 on a new pair of shoes. Are you happy now?

Not until you post a picture of the shoes.


Needed something with colour but muted. My existing cats are massively comfortable, and my airwalk slip-ons and chunky Etnies are all fine, but I wanted something with guaranteed comfort that wasn't red & black check or a shade of brown.


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