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I was at Best Buy this week and came across this game at a bargain price of only $19.99. Now take into mind, I've played this before on X-Box but was never able to finish it since I didn't have the system for very long. Only problem is, I have no knowledge of the PC version and don't know whether if it was half assed or doesn't translate well on the computer. So has anybody whose played the game before got any info on whether it's worth it or not? I'm pretty damn sure I'll be all over this game, but would like a second opinion or three just in case.

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I've played both, and the PC version is better. Better graphics (though, that's standard for console to PC ports), and some bonus items. Plus, even though the controls have been streamlined for the X-Box, they're still infinitely easier to use with a mouse and keyboard.

Be forewarned though, you'll need a hefty system to run it well.

Oh, and Bioware never half-asses anything. Neither does Rockstar. Especially with their PC ports, because the PC is where both companies cut their teeth and became famous.

$20 for the 2003 PC RPG of the year pretty much around the board? HELL YES IT'S WORTH IT.

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