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I just read Batman: Widening Gyre #1. I loved it. Some people may think otherwise. I really liked the designs of all the guys in Arkham. Two-Face and Killer Croc are scarier than ever. I love all the Robin and Nightwing stuff too. But this isn't cannon right?

It takes place at some point over the years, so it could be cannon, but right now, I think DC just want it to be a fun story that fans enjoy, that sells in the shitloads.

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So what does everybody think of the new Batman & Robin? Personally, I'm a fan. I really do like the relationship between Dick and Damian. Before, I hated Damian in Batman & Son but I think Morrsion is doing a great job of expanding upon his character - where he comes from and why he is the way he is.

And I'm really diggin Quitely's art in the first three issues. The colors are excellent too. Damian's is my favorite Robin outfit to date now.

By any chance, did it stick out to anyone else, I think at the end of the first issue where they had four panels previewing the upcoming story arcs,

Batman (Grayson) fighting Batwoman with an onlooking Batman (Bruce?) floating from lava? I'd like to see a hint of Batman going through one of the lives of the Omega Sanction. But I think DC said Bruce was gonna be gone for the year.

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A brand new unconnected guy playing Azrael just bugs me. I mean, Jean-Paul wasn't the only guy to hold that name but for all intents and purposes he was Azrael in the comics, and its not really the sort of legacy character that justifies a new name in the suit. My sole interest in him comes from Batman 666, because we already see how this guy ends up.

Plus there have been several direct hints that Jean-Paul Valley is alive, so I just see any replacement as a temporary guy. That is unless they decided to make an editorial change and leave him dead, which would suck hard. Azrael was never a great solo series but Sword of Azrael practically got me into modern comics.

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DC has said that is "A possible future" which means, they could just pretend that doesn't happen.

I didn't like this guy during Morrison's run, the first issue of Death's dark knight was poor and Ramon Bachs is an ok artist, but the preview art for this didn't do anything for me.

Also, for this new Azrael to make sense, I get the feeling you may have to read:

Batman and the outsiders: 13-14

Batman: Morrison's run, which is all in trade.

Azrael: Death's dark knight 1-3.

Batman Annual 27

Detective Annual 11

As they introduce the character and the last three were all written by Fabien Nicenza.

I don't see this book lasting long, if I'm honest.

I would think Jean Paul would be a Black Lantern, cause he was killed wasn't he?

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