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He was shot and fell out of a window into a river where his body was never found. Come on, Joker does that twice a week and no-one thinks he's dead. Plus by the end Jean Paul was meta-human strong, fast and tough. No way could being shot finish him off. Not even Batman thinks he's dead after it happens. If he was dead then there is no way that DC wouldn't be capitalising on a Black Lantern Azbats to threaten the new Bat team rather than just digging up the Drakes, Graysons and 3rd string villains.

edit: Just gone back to the issue. Azrael is shot by Byss and takes them both over a balcony into the river. Byss is later captured alive but injured, and the Azreal costume is found as wellwith two bullet holes through it. There is not sign of Jean-Paul, aside from a sleep-deprived vision that Batman has of him going towards the light.

Comic-book wisdom states that he's not really dead, they just haven't decided what to do with him yet. I will mention that at the start of blackest night he is one of the fallen heroes that Hal Jordon shows Barry Allen through his ring. Editorially his presence must have been approved and yet he's not a Black Lantern. He's definitely not dead.

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I got Azrael #1. I had know idea about Jean Paul Valley's "death." I picked it up anyway with an open mind. Really liked the cover. I kinda liked the story. The art was mediocre.

But the ending?

Azrael's crucified? Michael Lane doesn't even make it through the first issue?

Here's to hoping Jean Paul Valley steps into this book.

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People buying the Doc Savage Special?

Waiting for the trade on all the pulp stuff, methinks.

Shit, I almost grabbed the Doc Savage Golden Pyramid trade before I remembered that I own the original issues. I'm as psyched for this story as I can be having found out how smug the author is.

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Batman and Robin #6

Question about the last few panels for anybody out there:

Who is the guy in the batsuit in the zur-en-arrh chamber? and is that a batarang in his hand?

Am I missing something or is it supposed to be a mystery?

It's supposedly Bruce's body, but I don't think it really is.

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