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Okay I'm having a huge problem with Firefox and I have no, idea why. It seems to freeze every couple of minutes just to fuck with me, is anyone else having this problem? If so could some one please help me?

Switch browsers to Google Chrome or Safari. I had the same problems with FF about two years ago, and it was just unresponsive, and slow, so I switched to Chrome, and it runs a lot faster than Firefox ever did.

Otherwise, check for an update.

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I've freed up a lot of space on my external hard drive to transfer my iTunes library across and free up space on my C: drive. Is there a quick/painless way of transferring 114GB from one to another, or at least backing them up in case something goes wrong?

EDIT: Yeah, I could definitely use some help with this. Pillock that I am, I've inadvertantly deleted the last 3 weeks' worth of my podcasts!

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The easiest way to do it is just to copy and paste your entire iTunes library, then delete the original (using Windows Explorer, assuming you're on a PC. Finder if you're on a Mac)

iTunes is gonna have a fit when it realizes that none of its library is still there, but if you delete everything in your iTunes library (AFTER you've already copied the files), then add everything back into it en masse from the external afterwards, it should work. Sometimes iTunes is set to actually copy files into the iTunes folder on your C drive when adding new items; be sure that's not a selected option.

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Has anyone every seen a different way to store files/folders other than the standard



-----|_sub folder

--------|_ file

--|_folder 2


I'm thinking something that is more like a flow chart, where sub folders can be linked to more than 1 main folder? I don't care if it uses the standard windows/mac backend, but is there a front end 'explorer' I can use to fundamentally change how I access and store my files?

I found out what this is. It's either called DatabaseFileSystems or FileSystemTags. I haven't found a GUI that is logical, but there is a chance the new Microsoft cloud service could offer something like this.

Think of your file system as a blog and every time you save/create/edit a file, you are given the chance to add multiple tags to that file. Then any time you want something for that client, project, time, etc, you just click on that tag and the system displays all the files.

I'm pretty excited by this concept, I think it could really increase my productivity.

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The problem is that iTunes stores its library files on the computers, not any external drives, so if one computer added or deleted any music, the other wouldn't know what happened. There's that new syncing feature that all Apple devices have, where if you download something from iTunes on one device, it automatically downloads to all the others, but that would get weird because you'd have both computers putting multiple copies of the same tracks into the external HD, and if it wasn't connected at that time then it'd dump it elsewhere and that'd get messy.

The simplest way to do it would be to just put copies of all your music on both computers, or to put it all on one computer and let the other one access it via library sharing. Is there a reason you keep it all on an external drive?

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Okay, so, tech support help, plz! Was attempting to open the Breaking Dawn Rifftrax with my iTunes; it abruptly crashed, won't let me reopen it. Restarted the laptop, got it to open up, but as it starts to send stuff to Genius, crashes again and does the same. Any clue what's going on here?

Mac OSX, for the OS.

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Is your library really big? There might be a problem with that.

Try disabling your internet connection before opening iTunes and see if it still crashes. If it doesn't, try going into preferences and disabling Genius.

If worse comes to worse, you can reinstall iTunes, but you'll have to be careful not to delete your library file or you'll have to add your entire library back into iTunes again.

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The usb ports on my laptop are dying or dead. This is an issue that I would rather not have, to say the least.

My ethernet, card reader and HDMI ports all still work. Anybody know of a converter type cable? I tried to google it, but all I got was everything being converted to usb, which is useless.

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Long shot call for help, but wanted to tap the combined wisdom of everyone here.

I've bought my girlfriend a vintage Mickey Mouse phone for her 30th (she once said she always wanted one but never got one as a kid). But while we have a landline, there isn't much calls coming through on it. What I'd love is a device that allows the antique Mickey Mouse phone to receive phone calls from her mobile phone.

Is this something that someone would bother making? Either wired or wireless would be fine.

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Microsoft Office Word 2007.

I had a "normal.dotm" error to the point where it would not open a document. This is a difficult thing on a weekend writing retreat.

I deleted the "normal" template on my computer, and now it will still not open a working document. Fuck,

Anybody seen this?

I'm supposed to have an essay submitted Saturday for publication, but I have to write a little more.

Help would be appreciated. I'm going to try to go to sleep.

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I've not seen that error before.

For the time being, download NeoOffice. It will open Word documents (though not .docx ones), and can save them as Word docs as well. That said, it used to be free, but now costs $10. If you look around, you can still find older versions online for free.

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