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Kick Dr Light, The Guardian and Congorilla out and you've got a decent team there, its about time Cyborg and Starfire got a shot, especially since they finished with the Teen Titans a couple of years back, plus the next-gen Trinity of Grayson, Troy and Mon-El is going to be interesting. Hal and Ollie can rep the old school league just fine, with Hal leading the group I suppose. I like the lineup, obviously barring the unless three I named.

Still find it odd that Canary is getting kicked to the curb whilst her own husband is getting back in.

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According to Newsarama, the Atom is Ray Palmer. Badass, John Wayne, take-no-shit Ray Palmer from "Cry for Justice" I imagine. (Actually, Newsarama's breakdown of the lineup is pretty good if you have time to go read it.)

And I agree with the general consensus here - that lineup will NOT make me read the book again.

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In a recent episode of Word Balloon, James Robinson discussed why the advertised / teased roster changed.

- Mon-El is headed back to the future or the Phantom Zone.

- Green Arrow is gone because of his new direction.

- The Guardian was dropped because "using [him] didn't feel right" after Robinson left Superman.

- Starfire is heading to REBELS.

- Green Lantern is gone because he's too involved in other storylines.

- No word on where The Atom, Doctor Light, and Cyborg are headed.

So the new team will be:

- Donna Troy

- Batman (Dick Grayson)

- Congorilla

- Starman (Thom Kallor)

- Jade

- Jesse Quick

- Supergirl

He tried to sell it as his Big Seven, but come on! That is a low-rent Justice League. Seriously, does DC not want the Justice League to work? It's their premier team book. Outside of Hal (who I'm okay with the team losing because Johns has had longterm plans for him for years), the rest of the DCU should have to bend to what the writers / editors of JLA want. If a team is announced, you don't kill it because the REBELS creative team (no disrespect) wants Starfire or Green Arrow needs to become a loner again.

Granted, I wasn't sold on the teased team as a whole to begin with (outside of it looking like the Teen Titans had finally graduated), but the point remains.

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I'm calling it now, DC will renumber JL in one year. The Atom is heading towards a back up in Adventure Comics.

Adding to that, it will happen after Brightest Day is over (which is in one year, as you said), and the team will be the Silver Age big guns:


Batman (Bruce)

Wonder Woman

The Flash (Barry)

Green Lantern (Hal)


Martian Manhunter or The Atom (Ray)

I also wouldn't be surprised if one or both of the Hawks wind up there.

And you know what? I assumed Robinson meant Thom when he said Starman, but it's probably Mikaal.

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One of the things that James Robinson said during C2E2 is that he apparently has stories planned for the next few years. Sales aren't bad on the book so, for the time being, I doubt he's going anywhere. His writing on the title is getting better. Not enough where I'm going to start buying the book but still not as bad.

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