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Nice, wasn't expecting much from Red Robin, but now I am looking forward to reading it.

I only have the first issue coming from DCBS and will probably get a red robin trade at some point.

Batman seems to be getting mixed feedback in general, but I still look forward to reading this epilogue to battle for the cowl(Also, this story will not be in the BFTC trade, but don't worry cause it will have the two Gotham Gazette issues.)

Great reviews though.

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I liked both these books, but I feel like maybe I didn't look at the art to Batman #687 as closely as I should have. The story, as you said was intermittently fantastic and forgetable. One thing, though: Alfred's response after Superman asks if he's ok - after Bruce's death - is something I'll never forget.

He says (something like) "Ok? No, I'm not ok - my son has died."

That gives me chills just remembering it.

Liked Red Robin a lot, too. It's definitely one I'll hunt for pretty regularly. Tim is awesome.

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