I Kill Giants


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The real world doesn't make much sense to Barbara Thorson. While everyone else seems preoccupied with work or school, she only cares about one thing: killing giants. Every night she wraps herself up in an elaborate fantasy world — talking to fairies, constructing mythical weapons and working on powerful traps. Her lack of interest in the real world makes her an outcast at school, but it's something she gladly accepts. In fact, she's quick to snap at anyone who tries to influence her, making it hard for her teachers to deal with. At home things aren't much better. Her older sister, Karen, has to care for the family, and she has no idea how to handle Barbara's eccentric behavior. But it's Taylor, the school bully, who is angered the most by Barbara's attitude. Barbara refuses to back down to Taylor's threats, and that's not something Taylor takes lightly.

The above is from: http://www.earth-2.net/reviews/c/image/misc/i-kill-giants

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