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Honestly, DC should let him rest for a few years. Jason was such a cool character when DC brought him back. He was the dark side of Bruce Wayne's dream / legacy. Then DC went and watered him down. They tried too hard to make him edgy without really understanding the character, then they made him into some sort of plasma monster. (Thankfully the latter has been forgotten by DC.) Now he just floats around in the background without any real direction or depth. And that's a shame, because he has so much potential -- especially against Dick, now that he's Batman.

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I agree that when they brought Jason Todd back his character was built perfectly. He was the anti-Batman/Nightwing/Robin; the one that Batman couldn't tame. And during Battle for the Cowl I thought it made a lot of sense he would try and be the new Batman but with the attitude of killing. It's too bad he's "gone missing."

Tell you one thing though; he's not dead. Bruce Wayne survived a helicopter crash and Omega Beams, I'm sure Jason survived the fall from a bridge.

I wanted him as Batman and hope he isn't going to just to go home and give up on the idea. My guess is he's going to come back and I'm even going to go as far as say that the recent photo of a two-face looking Batman could be him.

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