Anyone like All Star Batman And Robin The Boy Wonder

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Unless the story in the last 5-6 issues makes people say "Oh, Miller is a fucking lunatic. Maybe this is why the Spirit was mediocre." I don't see anything interesting happening with this.

Saying that, in a months time, when I have some expendable income, I'll go on Amazon and see how much the first trade is and give it a shot. I own issue five, and that's where I said "What, fuck this" and never looked back, as all the league looked like pricks to me.

But hey, that's me.

Also, Jedi Master pretty much is right.

Batman should not have always been the nutjob from the dark knight returns, something should have happened to make him like that.

A bit like Batman Beyond, something happened to Bruce to drive him away from life, but before that, at least he wasn't the god damn Batman.

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That issue five covers looks like it's from his Dark Knight strikes, and he forgot to use it there.

It actually looks like Nancy from Sin City colored differently.

All-Star Bats is terrible and is the ultimate "only for the art" book. I couldn't see past the shitty story though so i dropped it. Frank Miller needs to stop.

Frank Miller repeatedly said that he never wanted to write Batman again. However DC kept offering him more and more money until it got to the point that Miller would have been crazy not to take the money. So he then set out to write the worst Batman story imaginable, just to see if the fanbys would take the bait. And they did, hook, line and sinker.

The saddest thing is that the same Miller fans who defend ALL-STAR BATMAN & ROBIN so vigorously are the very people Miller targeted this elaborate and expensive joke on.

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Assuming this is supposed to link up to the Dark Knight Returns, Batman will remain fundamentally unchanged in any significant way years down the road, besides completely alienating Robin.

Actually, he's a bit different in DKR; he's much more reserved in that book, and has a lot of guilt weighing on him from what he's done in the past (apparently during the time of All-Star Batman). He still believes in using brute force, but he's not quite the same thrill-seeking man that he is in this book.

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I think Frank Millers REAL problem is that he has gone insane, and forgot how to write.

Maybe Frank Miller will regain fans that he had before All Star Batman when Sin City 2 comes out. But I still love All Star Batman And Robin The Boy Wonder, little too long of a name though.

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I liked it a lot and really hope they finish it, so far the news is that Frank Miller is going to finish it but it won't be under the All Star title. My only gripe was how they used Black Canary and the overuse of Goddamn, although, I guess it was meant to be repetitive. OMG is Dick Grayson nuts as hell, I don't know if Batman was smart in kidnapping him, lol. I was really interested in seeing how it continues, especially with the Gangster version of The Joker.

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