Episode 98


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In this drunken and tangent-laden episode of Dread Media, Desmond Reddick welcomes the notorious Uwe Boll to the show to talk about his latest film, Tunnel Rats. Then Desmond and Darryll discuss Near Dark, teen lit, and vampires before Desmond goes solo on the animated black and white French horror anthology Fear(s) of the Dark. Tunes included: "Underground" by Tom Waits, "Children of the Night" by Calabrese, "Caleb's Blues" by Tangerine Dream, and "Black and White and Red All Over" by Biohazard. [ 1:28:13 || 40.5 MB ]

The above is from: My linkhttp://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/dreadmedia/episodes/dreadmedia_098.mp3

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I was wondering why I haven't seen Near Dark when listening to this before realising the actors were Lance Henrikson and Bill Paxton starring, which would make it some sort of cult 80s film. Can't say I've seen Point Break either come to think of it.

Good stuff Mr Doomsday and you cleaned up that Uwe Boll interview admirably - the only thing I struggled with was the accent!

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Just to set the record straight, Mimi Leder directed The Peacemaker, not Katheryn Bigelow. Bigelow directed K-19: The Widowmaker starring Harrison Ford. Also, the other James Cameron film featuring Bill Paxton was...wait for it...Titanic. The record is now straight.

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What's this Titanic, you speak of?

I've actually never seen it. I might be the only person on earth...

Ian has never seen Point Break? How's living under that rock? :P

I think you'll find that rock has a name, y'know. It's called "England"....

Besides, I've seen Titanic. And in that I badly needed the toilet for the last half hour of that film, it is one of the most interminable films I've ever watched - I don't even remember Bill Paxton being in it.

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If you're looking for a good example of a western/vampire movie rent FROM DUSK TILL DAWN III: THE HANGMAN'S DAUGHTER. It plays as if Sam Peckinpah had decided to film a horror movie. The first 45 minutes or so does play like a straight western until we get to the infamous Titty Twister Bar and we all know what happens to the hapless traveler who decides to stop and have a drink there.

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