I only have enough money for 1


Which game should I get?  

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Max: I made this a poll, figuring it would make it easier for you to tally the responses.

As for my vote...? Man, that is a hard one. Personally I'd go with GTA if you haven't played the other ones and have the last SD game. Another thing to consider is this: IGN has listed several gripes concerning the next Smackdown game, and gave GTA:SA a near perfect score. So I guess it depends on:

01. Which you like better (killing people or wrestling).

02. And if you listen to critics.

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Coming from a person whose never played GTA yet(And obviously not SD either) I say this depends on what you're capable of doing.

GTA is so far the most likely canidate for you to get, it sound like it's nearly a perfect game from all reviewers and since you're asking about it, I'm assuming that violence in a video game isn't a concern to you. SD game I would only get under two conditions

A:You rent it first and really enjoy it.

B:You're able to go online with the game.

The game may not turn out to be that great in regular mode, but if it turns out to have some good online features and the controls are atleast alright, then the game could potentially surpass GTA with that. If you can't go online, then I highly doubt there'll be any hope for it to be better then GTA.

So yeah, rent, see what you like better, and then choose.

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