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Today, my parents bought a ceramic grill that burns lump charcoal. (It's literally called "The Big Green Egg.") Since my mum was at work and the old man is functionally incompetent with anything involving food, I was charged with figuring the thing out.

Between four of us, we went through two pounds of burger and two chicken breasts: The best fucking hamburger I have ever eaten. Our own grass fed Angus beef, grilled over lump charcoal, with barbeque sauce, Vadilia Onions and swiss cheese.

Three of those.

Washed down with four delicous Schlitzes.

Best. Dinner. Ever.

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The 8 dollar block of cheese fries.

Only in America!

Its true, the two least healthy things I've ever eaten were both part of my trip to the states. The breakfast at the diner next to the construction site that formerly was the World Trade Centre was a masterpiece of grease and processed cheese, and down in Florida I was lucky enough to be served a BRICK of onion rings. A BRICK of onion rings. With dipping sauce.


Magic Roll. Flatbread served with your choice of a variety of awesome fillings. Best food ever. Only in Bristol.

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