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Dude. Awesome.

I wonder if this is going to be part of Kingdom Hearts III? It might work out, since the ending trailer for Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix showed a very dark version of the KH universe:


That's actually supposed to be part of the upcoming Kingdom Hearts PSP game, but it might have some crossover with future games.

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I'm pretty sure this will be separate from the KH universe, since it's being done by Junction Point studios, who are now owned by Disney. But who knows? It is an RPG that stars Mickey, and it's not like SE never outsource their work.

I just want to see what Warren Spector does with this. I can help but imagine this game as Deus Ex with Disney characters, even though I know it won’t be anything like that.

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Destructoid has a bit more info.

  • The game's plot revolves around "forgotten" Disney characters. Obscure characters from long-forgotten cartoons and rides have been cast into a dark world of broken-down machinery and very bitter attitudes.
  • The main villain is Disney's first-ever cartoon hero, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Now a nobody, he has rallied the residents of the dark world and is out for revenge against the mouse that took his place as Disney's spokesman.
  • Oswald unleashes the Phantom Blot, a monster that invades the Disney universe and begins to disassemble it by using black ink and making the colors of the world run together (this explains the "melting" imagery used in concept art). It's all very meta, this.
  • Mickey Mouse will save the Disney world by fixing the Blot's undoings, using a set of tools like paintbrushes, paint thinner, erasers and pencils to restore the artwork of his universe.
  • The tools are mapped to various Wiimote gestures.
  • The game is all about artwork and exploring. Also, Mickey will be getting a radical makeover, which is why nobody's seen his face yet. A source tells Eurogamer that "he's far more retro than you've seen him for years."
  • There are also rumors surfacing that Epic Mickey will not be exclusive to the Wii, based on Game Informer removing the Wii exclusivity claim from its teaser page. Might mean nothing, but we'll have to see.

As a Disney fan, the fact that they're reaching out to the continuity and the stuff of the past is just rocking.

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Bit of a bump, but I just completed the game.

Mostly, it's really fun, the controls are easy to get used to, and the story is entertaining and fun, the only real problems are the horrible camera, that has a habit of doing whatever it wants at times, and having to go through cartoon levels twice, coming and going from different worlds.

However, overall, I enjoyed it, and at twelve hours it was just the right length not to get to grating or boring.

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So, Epic Mickey 2 came out today, and it was a bit of a letdown to me. The games went down the RE5 route, where it's a two player game, and if you haven't got a second player, you're just sitting around doing nothing while Oswald completes some puzzle. The camera was annoying, you need to reset it every minute or so. So, yeah, I felt let down by it, and am glad I only rented it, and didn't buy it.

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