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I love the fact that every year they add a new feature to destract you from actually having to play the fucking game.

I had the same thought. SDvR 2006 was the best of the series in my always humble opinion, but as the game has focused more and more on presentation the gameplay suffered. The load times in 2007 were awful, 2008 was a disaster, and while 2009 was an improvement over the previous year it is still a step down from earlier games. Honestly, I started to get bored reading about creating your own interview segments and so forth. Actually doing it doesn't seem like much fun at all.

Not saying that the idea doesn't have merit - a backstage attack making a champion weak for the night's title match could be a fun addition to GM mode - but a lot can be left to the imagination while leaving actual development time to work on the gameplay.

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Why would I buy this? I have UFC: Undisputed, I have a real fighting game now. THQ don't give a shit about the WWE franchise anymore, not now its going elsewhere. Besides, I have Smackdowns 1 through RvsS 2008 to play if I want, and the only one I'll ever bother with is Here Comes The Pain.

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The roster was announced a few days ago. It's actually really close this year.

The only people missing are some of the new ECW people and the Hart Dynasty for some odd reason. But both of the Bella Twins made it. Go figure.

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