Zombies Coming The Hell Up Right Now: A Musical Journey


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Those of you that know me well, know that I've been developing the script to a zombie musical comedy for the past couple of years. Well, after tonight, it's finally finished. However, I would like to have a few people read it over before we go into production. That's where the trusted members of Earth-2 come in. If you would like to read it over and receive "Script Consultant Credit" in a film that will probably just go on YouTube, let me know, and I will find a way to get you a copy of the script.

On one condition, of course. If I send you the script, I need a response. Good things, bad things, both, whatever. But if you read it, I need a response.

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Well I do love zombies, music and funny things. I you need a classy European perspective, well, you should probably ask Ian. But if you want to pretend that your getting that perspective without the genuine weight of worthy opinion then I'd be happy to oblige. Seriously, I love zombies and most musicals, if you want to send it over I'd be really interested to take a look.

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Incredibly interested, Des. I'll get back to you once principal photography is finished.

The music isn't in the script as I'm not writing it. Zac Mans, my best friend and co-star is writing it along with the incredibly talented Joshua Aspland. Most of it is done, but I don't have my hands on it, as I can't even read music. (The shameful admission of an actor who will never be a triple threat. Yet another reason I often fantisize about putting my boot through Hugh Jackman's skull.)

I'm going to ask that you folks either PM me an email I can send it to, or post it in the thread.


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