A Conversation About Grant Morrison's Arkham Asylum


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Scott Gardner, co-host of the Two True Freaks podcast, and I have been chatting about Grant Morrison's controversial graphic novel Arkham Asylum for months. I like it quite a bit, while Scott absolutely hates it. I joked about how I'd be glad to come on his show and have an epic debate of epic proportions about it, and several weeks ago, he took me up on the offer. We originally planned on doing a page by page analysis of the work, but after we got our introductory thoughts out of the way, it became clear to me that Scott had only been looking at it on a surface level. After telling him the "secret" to it, the discussion quickly evolved into one about the work itself and its place in comics. We also talked about Grant Morrison's storytelling styles and the reaction to them among comic fans. In the end, I think it became a much better episode than the one we planned on doing. You can check it out here, and after you listen to it, I'd be interested to hear what you think about Arkham Asylum.

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