Fantastic Four reboot

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I'm not saying it's terrible, I'm saying that I much preferred Chiklis, became you could still tell there was a man underneath the monster. This is pretty much run of the mill looking CGI.

The Thing is pathos. You need that humanity. I may be entirely wrong, this may be incredible, but judging on this one picture, I'm not sold.

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I liked the look of the Thing in the previous movies, but if we're being real for a minute here, he did kind of look more soft and "human" than a lot of depictions of the Thing. And yes, when he moved it was pretty clearly a foam/rubber costume that squished and stretched. Actually making Thing a tad bit less human-looking is a good way to make this version different while still totally accurate to the character.

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The only problem I have with that trailer is that Thing has no shorts...but I know that's stupid, so I'm okay with it.

In fact, with this, Suicide Squad and BvS, this has ti be the first time in a while where three superhero film trailers in a row all make the movie look pretty amazing.

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