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Critics aren't being allowed to review it and the main cast has yet to see the finished picture. Neither of those things bode well.

I think the latter's not that portentous a sign. They filmed the bulk of the movie last year and have likely spent time filming other projects in between and have spent too much time promoting the film whilst the post-productiong keeps getting tweaked.

Pre-screening review bans....more portentous...

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Not really discussing spoilers but I don't think most of you can see it yet so I'll put them in the tags.

Alright. The movie isn't bad, though it is a bit lacking with its hour and forty minute runtime. The characters are all properly represented, though Doom is a bit iffy. They said they were going to do body horror, and by God that's what they did. The origin sequence is hard to watch. It has an R-13 rating here in the Philippines, so it's not necessarily kid-friendly. Which doesn't seem right for the F4, but hey their choice.

It's a good start. I love the main characters. The relationship between Reed and Ben is a definite highlight for me. The sequel seems to be happening even if this does poorly(which it more than likely won't) and I'm hoping that they'll explore new territory with that one.

Anyways, I don't think it's a disaster.

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I wouldn't be so quick to come to the defense of Trank. There have been a lot of rumors swirling about how awful he is to deal with and there is a reason he got shit canned from the Han Solo movie.

The second batch of rumors (which Trank seems to agree with) say that after the awful experience making FF, he'd basically had enough of making big-budget studio movies for a while.
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