Looking to Sell a 27 gig iPod


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Hey, all.

With my ever-expanding music collection (33 gigs and counting!), a 120 gig iPod is looking like a better investment for me.

I'm looking to sell my current iPod, a black Classic with a 27 gig/5000 to 6000 song capacity. It's two years old, in pretty good condition. I charge it by both an iHome and through my laptop, and sometimes I have to hard reboot because it only recognizes the one and not the other for charging, and maybe once a blue moon it'll freeze up, but otherwise, it's a good iPod.

Before I take it to eBay or selling it at school or something, I was wondering if anyone on here would be interested in buying it off of me? I'm looking to sell it for about $130ish, but I'm willing to negotiate on the price.

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